Fume Hood manufacturers in India

A fume hood is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or noxious fumes, vapors or dusts. A fume hood is typically a large piece of equipment enclosing five sides of a work area, the bottom of which is most commonly located at a standing work height.

Fume hood exhaust options
Constant air volume (CAV)

This hood is on to close the sash from the air "bypass" can be pulled through the opening. Bypass, close the sash, to reduce the opening of the sash, is located so as to increase the opening of the bypass. Air passing through the hood sash is positioned a certain amount, even if it is not maintained without changing the fan speed.

Variable air volume (VAV)

Location of the frame, as well as to control the ventilation system knows how much the frame is open, this hood works. Can controls that are known connection with the fan speed and thereby increase or decrease the amount of air that must be spent by the system.

Fume hoods are one of our premier products built, Wa are the leading Fume Hood manufacturers in India Engineered to excel, the creations of precision are designed with 6mm thick epoxy polyester resin lined with FRP Bisphenyl 'A' fume rate resin reinforced with 18 SWG Electro-Galvanized Sheet to accommodate large and complex apparatus set up. The fume Hoods have single, automatic, vertical. sliding, concealed type, acrylic glass door balanced with counter Weights, sash weights, wire rope etc..

Fume Hood Baffles

A stable, non-adjustable, removable baffle system with three fixed horizontal slots aids in distributing the flow of air into and through the hood. The baffle is spaced out 2-1/4" from the back liner.

Fume Hood Duct

To ensure durability, the Fume Hood Duct is constructed with 200mm dia 4mm thick rigid FRP pipe of height 10' with suitable rain hood.

Testing Procedures

Sound - < 70 decibles at 1m from the hood.
Suction - 1000/1200 CFM at door level
Scratch test - As per international Standards
Face velocity - 90 -110 FPM as per SEFA.

Hood Work Surface

Black Granite of +18mm thickness


One Porcelain Sink of size 12" x 10" with single way water tap.

Fume Hood Electrical Services

Two 15/5 Amps 3pin socket cum control switch, one bush type starter, indicator lamp fixed on the front fascia, one 4 feet tube light for lighting work area.


Separate valves for Air, Vaccum, Nitrogen provided.